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P2 Chargoon Company Overview
A Leading Provider of Innovative Software Solutions

What We Do

A Leading Provider of Innovative Software Solutions

Proximity of organizational structure layers and a friendly professional atmosphere together ith the adoption of leading management models, provided necessary grounds for innovation, growth, and synergy. Relying on its creative potential and the development of its products and services based on real market needs, Chargoon fulfilled its goals to increase customer satisfaction, stay innovative, and expand its influence On Iranian organizations and businesses.

Flexibility and localization capability, developing products in pace with technological advances, especially in the area of mobile equipment and devices, as well as implementation experience in hundreds of organizations - are distinctive features of Chargoon's products.

Social Responsibility

Chargoon is a social institution and accordingly feels committed to society. Due to Chargoon personnel financing the charity group “Hamgam” was formed. Hamgam, along with classic charity activities, aims to empower children, teenagers, and educated youth.

P3 Chargoon Company Overview
Office Automation
A New Approach to Administrative Interactions

Didgah softwares have given a new perspective of Office automation in which a wide range of transactions as well as meeting an extensive volume of administrative procedures has been considered. The software suite, which extends a form of senior management to all personnel and external audiences, bears a high success factor in organizations. Comprehensive coverage of user needs by Didgah Suites subsystems has added to its popularity amongst users.

Product Index

Server synchronization service, which is Chargoon's exclusive solution in case of using decentralized servers, maintains the integrity of organizational automation. This feature has effective applications in situations where due to geographical scope, infrastructure limitations, and using a single communication platform, utilization of a centralized server is not possible for a given organization.

P4 Office Automation
Most Comprehensive Human Resource Management Software

Didgah’s integrated systems for human resource management handles all the matters related to human capital since employment, until the end of the service and retirement. Training, performance evaluation, and welfare are among the procedures that are seldomaddressed in the field of integrated automation systems, however, "Didgah" has an integrative approach to all of these procedures.

Variety of laws and regulations of various organizations is another challenge, but the unique flexibility of Didgah software solutions allows adaptation and localization in accordance with regulations of various government agencies, companies, and businesses. Hundreds of successful implementations in different organizations are indicating this key feature.

Product Features
  • Capability of adapting to various regulations of government agencies, companies, and industries.
  • Enjoying an Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Enjoying a powerful data transferring from existing systems
  • Full integration of information and procedures
  • Optimized for large organizations with thousands of employees
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management Clients
P5 Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management
Financial Clients
The Optimal Solution for Asset Management

Finance software, of Didgah, has been able to provide managers with information on organizations’ financial events through various reports, whenever needed. This was done by creating a platform integrated with other softwares, as well as communicating with organizations' special-purpose softwares. One of the outstanding features of the software is providing solutions fitting to the financial structure of different government agencies and companies in a single stack. A distinctive feature of Didgah finance solutions is the capability of independent functioning of organizations’ sub-units without depending on upstreaming units.

Products features
  • Being adapted to financial procedures of public and private sectors
  • Being capable of managing all financial procedures associated with bookkeeping, treasury, budgeting, credit, and contracts
  • Full support of various accounting structure coding with any desired number of detailed levels
  • Enjoying a transfer tool for documents and detailed account data
  • Having Capability to integrate with utility softwares for automated production of accounting documents
P6 Financial
Efficient inventory management

Didgah Software Suite facilitates efficient inventory management and automatic connection between the procurement and ordering procedure. Since the level of inventories and safety stock is assumed to be at optimal point, reduced costs leads to organizations’ profitability. Using the Didgah Logistics Software allows independent usage in decentralized and geographically dispersed warehouses along with operational autonomy, central management, and receiving integrated data and reports at any moment.

Products features
  • Counting procedures considering distinct access levels for each domain
  • Supporting procedures of project-based organizations
  • Supporting the new system of government property and companies' fixed assets
  • Automated and integrated procedure from demanding to supplying
  • Supporting centralized structure for geographically widespread organizations
Logistics Clients
P7 Logistics
BPMS Clients
Simple and User-Friendly Modeling

With over 15 years of experience working with clients, Chargoon presents an efficient, simple navigation software to model business procedures along with other parts of the Didgah Software Suite. Superb product efficiency and flexibility, along with its simplicity, allows designing forms and procedures with different levels of complexity. Also, producing any type of custom report in different sectors is available to users through easy-to-use tools and the modeling process is easily performed.
Full integration of this product with other parts of Didgah Softwares enables organizations to design their specific-purpose forms and procedures within Didgah solutions without any dispersion of information and interface, and introduce it to the final user through the software.

Products features
  • Enjoying a powerful customizing workflow engine
  • Full integration with Didgah Software Suite
  • Capability of automating communication with data systems outside of Didgah Software Suite with a service-oriented model
  • Advanced report-builder capable of producing a variety of reports and statistics charts
Mobile Didgah
Didgah Software Suite for Mobile

Widespread use of smart phones and portable equipments has led to serious changes in views of business owners toward communications, information flow in organizations, and consequently business procedures. Chargoon, as a leading company in the software industry, proceeds to develop products in the field of mobile software solutions in order to meet managers' needs to have access to information, regardless of time and location.

Mobile Didgah

"Mobile Didgah" is a version of the Didgah Software Suite for mobile phones and tablets, designed for the iOS and Android platforms. Product design allows for helps you in addressing common, daily issues such as receiving and managing reminders, sending/receiving messages, handling letters, leave and business mission forms, and performance reports.

Mobile Didgah
P9 Mobile Didgah
Didgah Mobile Trustee Software

Didgah Mobile Trustee Software is designed in Android-powered and has made it possible to communicate with property software of Didgah Software Suite. The software, besides facilitating the accountancy operations, allows the property trustee to control defined locations and register or scan serial number with his or her mobile phone.

Didgah Mobile Meetings

Mobile‌(online) Meetings software provides some of the selected features of the Didgah meetings software and by connecting to the Didgah calendar software, provides the user with features not available in traditional calendar software. Through this software, setting up and holding meetings, as well as follow-up procedures are easily managed. Features such as setting the agenda, time allocation, invitees' registration and attendance, and recording meeting times at any point in the agenda can be done through the software. Most importantly, preparing and attaching supplementary documents such as photographs and audio/video files to the final implementation report is easily possible through the Mobile Meetings software.

Mobile Monitor (Payeshgar)

In line with establishing a proactive approach, our mobile monitoring software named Payeshgar is designed on the Android platform. This allows IT unit managers to monitor optimal performance of software outside of the office even in non-office hours, and receive reports on the status of hardware and software resources used to run Didgah Software Suite.

Mobile Didgah Mobile Didgah
P10 Mobile Didgah
Installation & Support
Project-Based Installation

In order to provide different value for clients, Chargoon provides distinctive installation and implementation services resulting from experiencing hundreds of successful projects in various public and private organizations. The unique style of project management, expertised and specialized analysis of businesses has led to Chargoon's success in implementing difficult organizational change evolution projects.

Proactive Approach in Support

Enjoying a solid, proficient, and accountable support team is the meeting point of Chargoon customer reviews. In line with international standards of IT services, the Chargoon support unit identifies and meets users and operators' needs through three layers: customer support, technical support, and product support.

The main approach of the Chargoon support unit is providing proactive services and in this regard, alongside periodic reviews and audits of system performance. Monitor software (Payeshgar) prevents the occurrence of a high percentage of system disorders by implementing the ongoing checking of systems and immediate notification of any errors. On the other hand, launching customers' portal continuously enhances customer satisfaction by simplifying the support procedure and direct communication with users.

Installation & Support
P11 Installation & Support

Effective installation and operation of software systems requires true learning of technical knowledge related to the software. In addition to verbal training, which is provided while installing the system in client organizations, Chargoon tries to provide retraining in pace with development in software features and joining of new users. The Chargoon training center facilitates a proper learning environment and teachers who have experience in installing oftware as well as thorough knowledge of clients' needs and demands.

Training & E-Learning
Training & E-Learning


Along with development of technology-based tools, e-learning gradually constitutes a major part in companies' training programs. In line with its clients’ policies, Chargoon puts this priority on its agenda and is now providing extensive capabilities in the form of e-learning systems in a way that allows thousands of people to learn and relearn different parts of the software.

P12 Training & E-Learning